Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sounds Like An Answer

Cryptic Crosswords
Part Thirteen

That title needs a comma in it somewhere, I know. This is a relatively short post to give you the answer to the remaining crossword clue from our post on Sounds Like clues.

If you haven't read the post about 'Sounds Like' clues yet, you really should, otherwise this very much counts as spoilers!

On the other hand if you haven't started our course on Cryptic Crosswords at all, where have you been? Definitely don't start with this post as the all the answers to the crossword clues we have tackled so far are in the grid below, except for one of course.

So, I left you with just a single clue to solve for our master cryptic crossword grid. Our penultimate clue was a perfect example of a 'sounds like' clue and it went something like this.

14 Down: Take cover from sounds of the park. (4)
So we have an indicator phrase in 'sounds of' that clues us in to the nature of the clue. We need solutions to the clues 'take cover from' and 'the park', and one of them sounds like the answer to the other.

Yes, you're right by the way, I did specifically say 'the park' as we're looking for a specific park, not a word which generically means park. In fact the park we are looking for is one of the great Royal Parks of London - Hyde Park.

So, we need a work which sounds like 'hyde' and means 'take cover from', well our answer is clearly 'hide'.

Our grid is almost filled in then, we are just three clues away from completing our first every cryptic crossword together, and of course, I've saved the biggest clue until second to last - you'll soon see why not last. It probably wont be that difficult, but it will be my favourite type of crossword clue, as next time we will be tackling clues that put soap in your hole, ahem, spoonerisms.

So until next time, keep puzzling.

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