Friday, March 01, 2013

A Pea Bird Ate Two Me

Relatively Speaking
Part One
Alas those glorious two weeks have ended and now I stand on the very brink of turning, well let's just say it's the answer to a previous puzzle and it's far too high a number.

Birthday's are a time for reflection, catching up with family and of course, for puzzles. After measuring things, birthdays are one of the richest sources of puzzle I've come across.

Today then I'm going to introduce you to my creepy little dolls who are going to help we with a couple of birthday puzzles. I actually bought the creepy dolls as card embellishments  intending to use one on my young nieces birthday card on year. It was only when I got them home that I realised just how creepy they are.

At this point I should apologise to the four beautiful and not-at-all creepy young ladies the dolls are named after. I always like to use the names of people I know when puzzle writing as it makes the puzzle more personal to me, alas in this case I may have been better calling them Red, Blue, Pink and Green.

Oh and don't worry, I haven't forgotten about crosswords, I just thought after all that hard work in the last post you might like a break.

Lateral Thinking

Linda and Sadie are twins, they share a joint birthday party every year and this year they will be turning twenty-one. However they face a dilema, this year Linda will be turning 21 on a Thursday while Sadie will have to wait until the following Saturday to turn 21.


How novel, here's the puzzle and the answer is video form. Alas it does include the creepy little dolls.

With that I bid you farewell as I have much merriment planned for the eve, after all it's not every day you turn - no, I dont give out answers that easily and you know it.

Until next time, keep puzzling.

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