Sunday, December 02, 2012

Word Puzzles 101

Word Mechanics
Part Five

It's time to review everything we have learned about word puzzles, what better way to do so that with a crossword.

We have learned that the master letter frequency table can only tell us so much, and that depending on the position in a word, the frequency table looks very different.  We can use these difference to help order the different letter groups in multigram puzzles.

When it comes to anagrams we have seen how understanding the most likely digraphs and trigraphs in a word can help us to work out which letters go where, but we have also learned that our intrinsic knowledge of English is the best tool we have for spotting potential words.

We have examined the sounds of words, and how different letters can come together to make an unexpected result. Through this we have learned to take our time on word puzzles, feeling the possible answers with out mouths to help find the right one.

Looking at the shape of words helped us understand how we read and what can help us to read better. We looked at how to use these skills in hidden word puzzles and how the shape of words can feed back into puzzles like anagrams.

Finally we dipped our toes into word mechanics and expanding our vocabulary. These are vital skills in solving word puzzles and of course in understanding the answers. The new words you are learning, and the properties of words you are coming to appreciate will stand you in good stead for the challenges ahead.

So, here it is, final exam time all over again. Since we'll no-doubt be looking at crosswords in future posts; I though this was a great opportunity to give you one to tackle. See how you get on, and how much you can remember about our wandering through the world of words.

Good luck and until next our word-ridden paths entwine, keep puzzling!

Word Puzzles 101

You can print out this crossword to help you solve it. All the clues relate to items we have covered in our word puzzle posts.

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