Friday, November 02, 2012

Twain had Phony Byproduct

Part Three

This whole post is a test of your anagram skills. Put what you have learned into practice and see if you can decipher what is going on as we pay homage to a very British institution.
Twain Had Phony Byproduct

We've been celebrating a puzzle-related  national institution at work today and I felt I had to bring you into the fun; hence the title of this post.

30 Years ago a cheerful gentleman now sadly passed, welcomed a group of people to a puzzle contest - one that would be held every year thereafter - sometimes more often.

Champions came and champions went, and there were even champions of champions; they call came to the arena to try and win a teapot - I kid you not.

The contest, they say, where you either win a big dictionary or a small dictionary and give or take a few nicknacks - that's about it. Of course all anyone wanted was the teapot.

30 Years later and a new cheerful gentleman greets us warmly every weekday for another game, testing out linguistic and numerical skills, in an effort to find a new champion.

Therefore it seems appropriate that I should thank the following people:

Arm Drool Cavern
Hill Rye Acre
Self Fling Jet
Suite Send
Sandy Elm
Orderly Sow Beehive
Red Cos Noon
Cheer Wink

and especially

White Red Charity

Thank you and congratulations - here's to another 30 Years of...

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